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Over 30 Years involvement in Running, Cycling and Triathlon
Over 22 Years Treating Clients from all walks of life


Certified Level 5 Sports Masseur
Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer
Certified Level 2 Triathlon Coach
Hundreds of hours of further training
Thousands of hours of hands on treating

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Applying techniques to achieve the treatment goals and Training solutions that fit in with your lifestyle and allow you to achieve maximum results.

Group Sessions

Since I started Triathlon in 1994, I have joined and trained with Triathlon Clubs.Training in groups with friends adds a huge social element to your training.  Have a catch up, push yourself to the level of others or help others reach your level, it’s a great way of integrating training into your life.  You’ll reap the rewards, get fitter, faster, stronger, look forward to the session and most importantly, enjoy it.Bodylab group sessions are set up with specific goals in mind.  If you have a group of friends, then, we can set up a regular weekly session at a venue of your choosing.


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What Do I Wear for Treatment?

Ideally comfortable, loose clothing. If there is a need to remove clothes towels are used to cover you.

Are Home Visits Available?

We try to see clients in our new treatment room in Giant Camden .  There maybe circumstances when Massage treatments(not Osteopathy)  are available in your home. This is dependant on Location.  There will be an additional cost for this service.

Is Sports Massage Painful?

There may be certain areas which can be painful when massaged.  Chris will ask for feedback throughout the session and change techniques and approaches to reduce any discomfort.

How Often Should I have a Massage?

Some clients, may have a weekly massage. Most will chose to have a massage every 3-6 weeks. There maybe times when they will visit more frequently – increased training/racing loads or if they have specific issues requiring treatment. We like to treat, check the response to the treatment and then advise on further requirements.     

What Happens after a Massage?

We advise clients rest for 18 hours before going back to training, unless its a pre race treatment when the techniqiues are tailored to prepare the athlete for competition.  Muscles may feel a little sore, lothargic.  This is normal, one idea is to bring about a healing response which may happen over a few days. After which the muscles should feel rejuvinated. – Tips – Drink lots of water, gentle stretching and muscle activation exercises.

Will I feel Sore After a Treatment?

Sometimes there may be some discomfort post treatment.  one aim of the treatment, could be  to traumatise the tissue and so kickstart a healing process or to address an imbalance, in which case there may be discomfort as the body re aligns itself.  Such discomfort usually recedes of a day or two. 

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