TRX training in Bangkok

Posted on: October 17th, 2012 by chriswilson

Whilst in Bangkok, my brother invited me along to the FIT gym for a TRX class.

I have long been interested in TRX training, thinking it would be beneficial to my swimming by means of developing strength and power in the my upper body and shoulders.

TRX is a simple device, adjustable straps, hanging from a frame with handles and loops at the end.  It can be used, close to the ground in a plank like position, with either feet in the loops or with the hands holding onto the handles. Simple exercises could be say press ups, or bringing knees to the chest.  Shortening the straps allow you to work the core, shoulders and arms, performing exercises such as triceps curls or flies. The trainer is basically using bodyweight and gravity to provide force to work against.  As it is suspended, it is unstable so add the need for stability so directly works the core and the myofascial line.

The session was an hour long, starting off with simple running on the spot and general movement exercises to warm up.

 For each exercise with the TRX, the degree of difficulty could be varied by changing the stance. I found most of the shoulder exercises doable, working each exercise for 3×30 second intervals, if I was doing this regularly, the aim would be for longer reps and changing the position to require greater effort.  Working with the feet in the straps, in a plank or press up position, I found the most challenging, the need for stability and muscle balance was paramount, with weaknesses,   more effort was required by the arms.

The hour passed really quickly, I felt like I could do a lot more, but sure enough the next day, my chest and shoulders knew they had been worked and I could see definite uses for the trainer in relation to both swimming and also running, as lots of conditioning exercises could be performed with the TRX. 

Back in the UK, I am left wondering what to do.  TRX Are available in some gyms, but I am not a member of a gym.  I could purchase one, but having a good venue to practise is important, I wonder whether I would get good use out of it.  The cost is also off putting at around £150.  Cheaper suspension trainers are out on the market from around £40.

I will gauge the interest in the Team, we can see if we can work out a solution or find other ways of performing these exercises.