Sports Massage – Regular Massages to Reduce Injuries

Posted on: December 15th, 2014 by chriswilson

Hopefully, if you have come along for some treatment on an injury, Chris has managed to sort you out or helped with the healing process,  It’s one of the key benefits to sports massage, the different techniques Chris incorporates will bring about a healing response in the tissue and so after a number of sessions, appropriate rehabilitation and return to full activity. 

Whether or not you are injured, there are lots of great benefits to regular Sports Massage.  Chris’s goal is to enable you to train regularly and consistently, improving your performances in competition. Sports Massage aids recovery, flushing out muscle cells and pumping energy rich blood into the tissue to help repair and energise it whilst deep tissue work and stretching return muscles to their natural length. Identifying weak or tight muscles and addressing the possible cause, helps prevent minor niggles becoming chronic injuries.  

Treatments aren’t just about muscles.  Joint mobility is another key reason that injuries can occur, easing tissue around the joints enables freer movement, of course having achieved this we need to ensure that muscles are ‘activated’ to perform their correct function.  When there is a specific problem in a joint, Bodylab Osteopath, Andy Hodgson, is referred to for assessments and appropriate treatment. 

A buzz word of the last few years in the Fitness World has been Myofascia, the connective tissue which enwraps cells, bundles of cells and bundles of bundles, indeed the whole body.  Working with this concept in mind helps us understand how tissue stressed or damaged in one area can connect to dysfunction in another and so give you the right treatment.

Make a Sports Massage part of your training plan, a reward for completing a hard week’s / month’s training or achieving a set goal.  Feel those free muscles and limbs again, stretched out, supple and energised — Ready for action in peak condition. When you are at that stage, I’m satisfied I have done my job. See our Christmas Special Offer and organise a series of sessions