Well Being Days


Searching for ways to reward your staff at the end of a hectic sales quarter or to celebrate record end of year results? Whatever the reason Bodylab has the answer, a bespoke day in a location of your choice based on a framework to suit you.


Its so simple , you choose the format of the day, the theme and a location. We’ll put it all together with healthy refreshments and food, choices of treatments, and possibly some light exercise – Yoga, Pilates to leave your staff feeling invigorated.


Tools that we can use…

On-site massage – to soothe away tension, treat repetitive strain injuries and relax

Acupuncture & acupressure – to rebalance and boost energy

Group yoga – to promote wellbeing and relaxation

Personal exercise training – to energise and maintain good health

Reflexology – to relax, rebalance and promote wellbeing