Regular on-site therapy programmes

Our most popular service is our on site programme, in which therapists visit your workplace. We require only a small space and bring our own equipment. Treatments take 15-20 minutes. The client remains clothed and no oils are used in the treatment.
We help you plan your on-site therapy programme – type of treatments, the length of treatments, how many therapists required, where to treat in and setup a timetable. Everything to ensure you get the most effective and efficient service. We cater for companies of all sizes, but do require to see a minimum of 3-4 staff members.
We have also set up in house therapy clinics, providing a range of therapies including; sports massage, reflexology, Swedish massage and Osteopathy.
Your company can pay for the sessions outright, susbsidise them or simply set the service up and have staff pay outright.
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